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Blue tatto ideas from the brand to the body as a canvas art - tattoos. Tattoo Artist pen personality has no shortage of delicate beauty combines the California air flowing tide and do whatever they want, like icy blue was the point into eye-catching red. But not the rich and powerful collision sparks.
Tattoo colors with sharp needles into the skin hands, accompanied by a slight pain in the hearts of the figurative idea of ​​color in the world gradually filled single pink meat. Like Blue Tatto general purpose, with superb technique to individual performance and body art combined. Will hide in the clothes of stretch in the fabric, such as white boring life in the color and do not succumb to the idea of ​​the rule of baptism exudes dazzling brilliance. Unlike ancient philosophy, Blue Tattoo connected pure, feminine, masculine, traditions and trends and one exudes Avenue nameless nurture all of the atmosphere. As the purpose of "Wherever you are, whatever you do. There is no code of practice, some of your world." Blue Tatoo various anxiety among today's street culture and flamboyant styling brand captures the location belong to the delicate and wild combination of unique style. In today's formula as a brand design to stand out in the Blue Tatoo blood flowing in both California Merry uninhibited blood, but covers the tattoo technique quiet in that part. In the minds of consumers want to cast a powerful addition to a fast-food culture.

Blue Tattoo